It can feel like somewhat of a challenge to stay healthy over the holiday period, and of course it’s really important to allow yourself some time to ‘switch-off’ and relax. However in order to start 2016 on a healthy note, its best to try and keep some kind of fitness regime ticking over. Below are 5 simple tips to ensure you reach January feeling your hip and healthiest self.

  1. Keep Moving

If you normally go to the gym three times a week, then stick with it and get active three times a week over the holiday period. If you’re hoping to give your body some rest and repair time over Christmas, then skip any intense regime and head out for a gentle walk or cycle instead – perfect for getting those endorphins flowing and alleviating any stress, keeping your Christmas cheer high.

  1. Workout with a Friend

The holidays are for spending time with your loved ones, but bonding sessions don’t have to be over copious amounts of alcohol, food, or TV boxsets – grab your friends and family and get active! You’ll most likely feel more motivated if you choose to exercise with friends, plus there’ll be no backing out once you’ve made a prior arrangement with your bestie, ensuring you stay on track with your festive fitness goals.

  1. Mix it Up

No one likes doing the same thing over and over, and inevitably boredom hits and enthusiasm fades. Try some different classes – Pilates, yoga, circuit training, HIIT, ballet, spinning – the list goes on! Sign up for activities that you look forward to doing and that you’re excited about. Not only will this be far more enjoyable, but your body will be forced to use different muscle groups, meaning a super effective workout!

  1. Stay Hydrated

A lot of fluid can be lost during exercise, up to a litre an hour, and when even the slightest bit dehydrated your body might mistake the thirst for hunger. Ensure you’re sipping water throughout the day, particularly before and after exercise, but also before heading off to any Christmas parties. It’s also really important to drink lots of water after indulging in lots of festive food and drink, this will aid digestion as well as helping to alleviate any bloating.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep has a big impact on what’s happening inside your body as this is a crucial period when your body repairs itself. A poor nights sleep has not only been shown to decrease speed, accuracy, and reaction time during exercise, but can also lead to poor food choices and overeating due to a lack of leptin – the hormone which makes you feel satisfied after eating.

Words by Meryn Turner

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