It’s August now and many of us have found it hard to shift those last few pounds before the summer is up. We hate restrictive and unhealthy diets here at the Hip and Healthy headquarters, so we have outlined our top five easy-to-implement ways to burn those extra few pounds to reach your healthy-weight goals.

Sleep More: Sleeping releases fat-burning and appetite suppressing hormones so get your 8 hours. If you find it hard to wind down make sure you switch off all computers, T.V, phones etc. about half an hour before you get into bed so your brain has a chance de-stress. Also, try adding lavender essential oil to your wrists and behind your ears. Neal’s Yard does a great “remedies to role” product, £5.80.

Add Spice: Spices such as cinnamon can cause your metabolism to spike and it is also a great way to satisfy your sweet cravings so you don’t dive into the cookie jar at 4pm. Try adding it to your porridge first thing. Chili also increases the rate at which the metabolism burns your food so put it in your salads by adding chili oil to dressings.

Interval Train: There have been numerous studies conducted now, which have proven the benefits of interval training. Fast bursts of hardcore exercise interchanged with slower bouts, such as running and walking, burns more calories than running at one pace for the same amount of time. So when you are next in the gym, rather than pounding the treadmill at the same speed for half an hour, introduce shorter bursts of running at your top speed. Speak to a trainer though before you do this to prevent injury.

Take Vitamin C: Those who do burn 39% more fat when they exercise. Such an easy thing to do – just buy a good quality supplement (we suggest My Vitamins) and take the daily dosage with your breakfast. Taking vitamins on an empty tummy can make you feel bad. Also – up your intake of vitamin C rich food such as kiwis, oranges and lemons.

Drink more: Water keeps the metabolism going as well as curbing the appetite. So often people eat when they think they are hungry but in fact they are actually thirsty. Also, by eating water-rich foods like melon, you will also feel fuller on less calories then, say, if you had had a biscuit.