We collectively carry a somewhat farfetched, unspoken perception of what we believe (or hope, actually) is portrayed when we work out; always idyllically set, catching the sun as it beams in the backdrop of our squat-sesh, pony-tail obliging in full swishing mode, a terrifically toned torso, and a token lick of forehead sweat, only ever referred to as a light glow (oh, and always in slo-mo, of course!).  However, as most of us are presumably nodding our heads in agreement, we’ve decided to hazard a guess in suggesting that the vast majority of us don’t appear to have created a scene quite so picturesque once we eventually take a glance at ourselves in the nearby car window. This, in turn, is when our initial workout stress signals begin to kick in, so to assist you in nipping them in the bud before they’ve begun to blossom, we have decided to fully prep you with a fool-proof guide to ensuring you are ready for any stressful fitness moments coming your way.

Accept The Sweat
You exercise, you sweat, right? It’s so totally natural, yet so undeniably difficult to admit for those of us longing to follow in the fitness footsteps of the likes of Elle Macpherson & Co. We may usually find ourselves perspiring in places we didn’t even know existed, however by refusing to accept defeat, we have made the decision to take matters into our own hands (and pits), and so by adopting a slight shift in our mindset, learning to ‘accept the sweat’ couldn’t be easier.

To begin with, investing in light-weight, breathable and lightly-coloured cotton/linen activewear will assist you in keeping the sweat-levels down, however it is in fact completely natural for sweat to appear as an instinctive reaction by the body to support you in cooling down, so don’t sweat it.

Battling the BO
So we may have briefly touched upon the idea of sweaty stench, however, this can become something of a major significance for those of us hardcore members of the hot/spicy, onion/garlic fan clubs. Once these are consumed, alongside other front-runners including dairy and alcohol, the internal temperature in your body inevitably rises, causing an undesirable aroma to overtake your pores (yep, we all remember that time when..erm, we’ll stop now). Don’t fret though, odorous ones, as in order for this to be banished, there are only a few simple changes you need to adopt.  Initially, by occasionally removing the foods mentioned, you naturally won’t be as susceptible to such pungent smells accompanying you and your fellow gym-goers on your workout. Additionally, don’t feel embarrassed about taking regular pit-stops; Ensuring you have time with your flannel and your fave deo for a quick splash under your arms throughout the day, will do you wonders when it comes to battling the BO! We definitely prefer the more natural route for underarm protection and we really rate Dr Organic’s range of deodorant and Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s cream deodorant.

Wardrobe Malfunction Moments!
We’ve all been there, either in passing or as the unfortunate chosen one; smugly strolling past the girl with the unnoticed workout camel toe, or alternatively arriving home only to realize that we have been exercising in odd socks, or with our toothpaste stain still quietly perched on our dark top. However, aside from these slight occasional hic-ups, there are some fundamentals we can implement to ensure we never endure other easy activewear accidents. Investing in a few staple items will allow you to not only look your best but also feel incredible while you’re working out. Take a brand like Alo Yoga as an example, providing luxurious quality and versatility to support longevity, whilst allowing you to indulge a little in your feminine side with a fantastic array of print and style options. Other wonderful brands providing an equal level of quality and even better sweat-wicking abilities include LNDR and Falke, with sports bras designed to specifically support your fitness ventures, automatically allowing you to focus fully on your workout sesh and therefore not anticipate any wardrobe malfunction moments! Another occasion we can’t ignore is that of a VPL (visible pant line) nightmare; Nobody (nope, literally no one) wants to see your new Marks and Sparks specials when you’re squatting by the mirror. We’ll learn from experience here ladies, and say that, aside from them feeling extremely uncomfortable when sporting a pair of trendy fitted leggings, take one for the team and opt for a pair of Hanky Pankys or a modest pant of choice, and leave the frilly number for the weekend.

Facing up to it
OK, so we’re dressed in our favourite activewear essentials and simply look fabulous.. But (ohh, we knew there was a but), once the sweat kicks in, it doesn’t take long before our new mascara follows suit, and runs its’ way towards our chin, leaving us with an uncanny resemblance to the face of a panda with orange, foundation-filled, pores. With all make- up eventually deformed around the face, it’s probably safe to say that, prior to the work-out, it would have caused much less stress to take it off entirely. When you reach for the yoga towel to relieve your SULA (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert) and realize that, post-face-wipe, you may have to take it home to wash due to sheer make-up embarrassment, it’s surely undoubtedly easier to not wear it in the first place, so you can wipe your face in peace! However, if on your weekly run, you journey past (or through..!) the local rugby team, and a no-makeup rule just wouldn’t cut it, try just a small touch of coconut oil on your lips, a tinted moisturizer on your face and a perfectly fixed hair-do, versatile enough to stay practical, whilst assisting you in oozing the confidence you hold! Err.. did someone say ‘selfie’?

Accessorize properly!
Almost guaranteeing a successful sesh is a playlist of tunes ready to rev your PB up to the next level, we’re not going to pretend that pumping iron to an unprepared album of random compellations won’t have an undesired effect on your stress levels! There is also nothing quite like the feeling of glugging back water post-sweat session, however when a crisis moment strikes (aka treadmill – check, towel – check, water bottle – erm, NO CHECK!), and the realization of the absence of hydration kicks in, along with the looming pain of #firstworldprobs suddenly beginning to oddly reflect the situation, your workout stress levels undoubtedly skyrocket, ultimately taking away the focus of what you set out to do. Other accessory obstacles occasionally put in the way include the absence of a hair band (which, by the way, no one ever has spare of), large earrings and uncomfortable/impractical – Christmas thickness-socks. Avoiding all three will inevitably bring your workout moments less stress and a contentment to envy.

As we bring this to a wrap, upon reflection, ensuring these small workout prep tips are put into place will do our stress levels wonders. Whichever form of exercise we choose to endure will undoubtedly be relieved of any unwelcome potential stress-burdens if we simply adhere to these stress-busting rules, allowing us to finally embrace the entirety of our favourite fitness moments forever.