How and when we sleep became somewhat of a trend in 2017, with many of us being fascinated with how we can get the perfect night’s sleep. New research suggests that when people don’t get a good night’s sleep it could contribute to memory loss, which is another reason to look at these 5 simple sleeping habits to adopt to help improve our shut-eye in 2018…. Your brain is likely to thank you for it!


It’s not one rule suits all
If you’re looking at the clock and panicking as once again you don’t feel ready to sleep, but you’re 15 minutes over the recommended bedtime – don’t stress. There isn’t a set rule for everyone, for example, some of us may be night owls whilst others may be early risers. Dr Roger Henderson, working in collaboration with sleep device, Somnuva explains,  “Most of us have some degree of preference for late nights or early mornings. Where an individual falls on this spectrum largely determines their individual disposition toward the timing of daily periods of activity and rest. Some of us are clearly “larks” — early risers — while others of us are distinctly night owls. The rest of us – probably the majority – fall somewhere in between the two.

“It is a myth that everyone needs 8 hours sleep a night as we all need different amounts of sleep as we age. Most research suggests adults need 6-7 hours each night for optimal health,” adds Dr Roger Henderson.


Experiment with caffeine
“In some people caffeine is not metabolised efficiently, leaving you feeling its effects long after consumption. So, an afternoon coffee or tea will keep some people from falling asleep at night and even a morning coffee might disrupt sleep. Try experimenting with when you drink caffeine and see, I’d suggest that you try initially to avoid caffeine after 2 pm,” suggests Pippa Campbell, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach.


Skip playing catch up
“Even one night of disturbed sleep can impact on mental and physical performance the following day. It is however possible to catch up but can take days or even weeks for the body to return to a normal pattern. If trying to make up for lost time, go to bed early and wake up at a normal time instead of sleeping in late,” explains Dr Roger Henderson.


Don’t shy away from the right technology
Even if you’ve tried an app previously and the whale noises just didn’t do it for you, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give technology a try again. Many tech devices claim to help send us to sleep, wake up more easily or track the hours of shut-eye but none claim to actually repair your sleeping pattern. Until Somnuva, the first-of-its-kind sleeping-device, that has a built-in, patented algorithm that improves sleeping patterns, naturally.

Colin Aston-James sound technology expert explains, “Somnuva has an edge because it is the only device built with this patented, proven algorithm which allows your brain to run at the correct frequencies through the entire night. Other products on the market either track your sleep or just help you get to sleep.”


Night sweats are not to be ignored
“If you find yourself waking with night sweats you want to be clear whether you have woken because you are sweating or you woken and then start to sweat.  If the sweat wakes you up, then you are having a menopausal night sweat and should look into ways of reducing this, such as eating healthy foods little and often. However, if you wake and then you start to sweat or get other symptoms like palpitations or just feel wide awake then this is most likely caused by an adrenaline surge because your blood sugar has dropped during the night.

“If this is the case, then it’s important to keep your blood sugar in balance during the day. One way you can help do this is by having a small snack of complex carbohydrates, such as an oatcake, half a slice of wheat or rye bread, about an hour before bed. This will stop your blood sugar dropping overnight, and prevent adrenaline from being released into your bloodstream and causing you to wake,” recommends Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of The Natural Health Bible for Women.


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