Looking for some hump day inspiration? This week we sat down with ex-ballerina, yoga teacher and activewear designer to chat about her career, day-in-the-life and healthy living essentials…

What inspired you to start Tiny Fish?

I really wanted to create something that combined my yoga training and fashion/art background.

Here at H&H we love the beautiful Tiny Fish designs! What do you look for when selecting a new print?

I love colours, movement, patterns and fabrics, all of that is a big inspiration for me, but also I believe what you wear and how you wear it creates emotions and sets the tone to how you run your life. It may sound shallow but if you are happy with your look (whatever that may mean to YOU) then the energy around you changes as well.

What made you decide to train as a yoga teacher?

I am a trained professional ballet dancer, but stopped due to injury. Yoga was what I started practicing after dance as a way to cope with the life change. Then once I had my boys, life changed again and I really wanted to feel in my body and mind again – to do something totally for myself. It was truly the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Even if I decided never to teach, taking on this intense yogic journey changed every area in my life in such a positive way.

 Do you have a favourite yoga pose?

Strangely, I really enjoy inversions. Yes, they are challenging and need the proper technique, but as we spend so much of our lives upright, to get upside down is such a beautiful release. I also LOVE twists, so good for digestion.

What does a typical day-in-the-life of Kristina look like?

Wake, take a breath and let the madness of a house with two boys needing to get to school take over. Once they are dropped off, if I haven’t got London meetings then I go home and practice yoga, then I’m at my desk by 10. I like to pop out mid afternoon to walk my dog – fresh air and time out does wonders. Before I pick the boys up I’m queuing at the post office dropping off orders, then once I’ve got my kids its dinner, homework, bath and bed. Once the boys are down I try to have a 10/20 minute meditation and a hot bath or something lovely for myself. I’m not really a big TV person, but I’m a HUGE reader and writer, so I’ll settle in next to the hubby and read or journal while he watches TV. I’m not a night owl so its lights out between 10/11pm otherwise I cannot function the next day.

Have you always been interested in wellbeing, or was it something that came to you later in life?

It was definitely something that came to me in later life. I think I was always aware of it, but certainly because on the yoga training I became more aware of how the body and mind work. Then I took more courses and now, genuinely find learning and reading about wellness interesting. There is so much to know and I love how we can have such control over how we feel and live our lives.

Name five things we would always find in your kitchen…

Well, beside two small boys, a husband and a dog – almond milk, avocadoes, lemons, chia seeds and gluten free bread.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

What you think about you bring about. Work hard! Nothing comes by sheer luck alone, we ultimately make our luck by hard work and hard work sometimes means doing the uncomfortable – putting yourself out there and being available to the opportunities. Oh and kindness is essential, kindness is always remembered, people remember how you made them feel.

Your beauty bag essentials are…

Coconut oil, concealer, cream blush and my fave Bryedo Perfume roll on oil.

How do you like to relax after a long day?

 Bubble baths with candles and reading a great book.

Interview by Meryn Turner

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