Your best girlfriend is someone you can count on through thick and thin. She is there for you during your hardest times and she’s there to share in laughter and fun as well. When Christmas arrives, it’s only natural you want to get her a gift that shows how much you love her and cherish your friendship and that will prove useful or special to her. If you’ve been struggling to come up with the perfect idea this gift guide has you covered.

Here are five gift ideas that are perfect for your best girlfriend. Your bestie deserves the best.

Is There Anything More Luxurious Than Cashmere?

This first idea isn’t so much one item rather it is a fabric that can be found in a variety of items. There is nothing more sophisticated, elegant and luxurious than cashmere, yet people don’t often indulge themselves and pick up items they can enjoy. This is the ideal time to treat your bestie to a cashmere cardigan, vest, scarf, gloves, shawl or any other item.

Not only is cashmere a beautiful-feeling fabric, but when cared for properly, it can last a long time, so you know she’ll get lots of use out of the gift.

Help Her Out with Her Coffee Game

If your bestie loves grabbing a great cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, why not give her the tools she needs to become a master barista in her home? That means she can brew a fabulous cup of coffee to enjoy in the morning, take with her on the go, or when entertaining friends and family such as yourself.

Some of the best tools and equipment for the coffee lover are a full-featured automatic coffee maker, an espresso coffee brewer if she likes a bold cup of coffee, or even a coffee kettle with a long, thin neck, which is perfect for precision pouring for the popular pour-over style coffee. Don’t forget accessories like a coffee grinder, which makes it possible to enjoy freshly ground beans on demand at home. There is a range of coffee makers, grinders and more that you can shop for nowadays, and it would show your bestie just how well you know her.

Don’t forget to also grab a few bags of fresh coffee beans to accompany the tools and equipment and a set of fun or unique-looking coffee mugs.

Treat Her to a Spa-Day at Home

Here’s a gift that is perfect for anyone, as it’s meant to provide you with a sense of relaxation. If your bestie is constantly busy at work and home, always running from one errand to the next and has her fair share of stress to deal with, then a spa day at home will be a welcome gift. You can pick up a ready-made gift basket of all the essentials, but that will lack the personal touch, so why not make one yourself?

Look for a decorative basket that can be re-purposed as décor or storage after the holidays and fill it with a variety of spa-like essentials. Some great items to include in the basket include:

  • Bubble bath
  • Bath bombs
  • Scented hydrating body soap
  • Scented aromatherapy candles
  • An eye mask
  • Rich body lotion or butter
  • Plush fluffy slippers
  • A thick and cosy robe
  • Lip balm or a lip mask
  • Calming herbal tea
  • A large mug or insulated cup
  • A couple of books

The great thing about a spa gift basket is that she will get many uses out of the items, so it’s like giving her multiple trips to the spa.

Engraved Jewellery Is Something She’ll Keep Forever

Maybe you like the idea of a keepsake item, and if that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with engraved jewellery. You can have your initials engraved, the date you met, a special word or phrase that has meaning to the two of you and so forth. Something like a bangle bracelet will allow for more characters than a small ring. Just be sure to pick a piece that is timeless and works with a variety of outfits so it can be dressed up or down.

Help Her Fight Stress with a Weighted Blanket

Finally, for the bestie who is extra stressed, you can get her a weighted blanket. These are all the rage right now and can be found in a wide array of colours, fabrics, and sizes. The way these blankets work is that they provide deep pressure stimulation which may help to release your feel-good hormone called serotonin, increase melatonin to help aid in sleep, and increase cortisol levels which fight stress.

All of these gifts can act as the perfect idea and show her just how appreciated and loved she is by you. It’s your bestie, and you want to give her the ultimate gift.