In the heat of the summer, it’s easy to feel tired and a bit off colour. Give yourself a boost for your activities under the sun and eat for energy!


Yummy, satisfying and oh-so-energising, cashews contain copper which interacts with the iron in your body to create new blood cells. With more blood cells in your system, more oxygen will be transported to your brain and you’ll feel more alert! The protein in cashew nuts takes longer to break down which means a slow release of energy and helps to avoid that sudden sugar crash.


Bananas contain Tyrosine, an amino acid which helps the brain produce norepinephrine which increases alertness and motivation! They also contain Vitamin B6 which produces haemoglobin. This carries oxygen from your lungs to your brain – the more oxygen in your brain, the more alert you feel and the more energy you have. The natural sugar in bananas is also great for a quick energy boost. Bananas have very little protein and fats but are mainly full of sugar and carbs. This means your body can break them down quicker, and their energy is rapidly released into your blood.


It’s no secret that salmon is one of the most wholesome sources of protein around. It contains fatty omega-3 acids, whose primary purpose is to provide you with energy. It also helps digestion to make you feel brighter and more lively. Salmon is also chocka-block with energy-boosting Vitamin B-6, niacin & riboflavin – all of which work to convert your food into energy. Sumptuous salmon is packed with iron too, to improve the production of red blood cells which means more oxygen into your bloodstream. This will reduce any sluggish feelings throughout the day, especially beneficial if you have an iron deficiency!


Dates have loads of natural sugars, such as fructose, sucrose and glucose, so it’s no wonder these toffee-tasting treats are one of our favourite ways to feel energised. These sugars release into your bloodstream quickly, giving you that immediate energy kick. Dates are especially great because you don’t get that dreaded crash – they’re rich in fibre, which slows the release of sugar into your system. Dates contain loads of iron, which we already know increases your oxygen absorption, but they are also rapidly detoxifying, giving you the sparkle you deserve! Try mixing with a handful of nuts, or if you need a chocolate craving fix, try a Nākd cocoa orange bar. Made of dates and other raw ingredients, these bars will satisfy your hungry appetite and your sweet tooth in the healthiest way!


These brilliant beans have traces of the mineral molybdenum which increases alertness and concentration. Molybdenum also helps balance blood sugar levels, turning fats and carbs into energy, and supports cell maintenance. Their high fibre content also slows down the absorption of sugar, meaning you’ll feel energised for longer and all the while be preventing insulin resistant illnesses. Edamame beans also contain copper and manganese. Copper allows your cells to create energy, boosts your immune system and strengthens bones. Manganese helps the digestion of fats and carbs, and controls your blood sugar levels – one cup of Edamame beans contains 1.6mg of manganese which is 70% of the RDA! Try edamame beans alongside your sushi or dried as a snack to carry with you!