Once upon a time there was an old Greek goddess called Ostara. She was the goddess of rebirth and fertility and as Spring is in full bloom and plants and flowers are brought back to life, this season was the time when she was celebrated. Some believe that goddess Ostara inspired the tradition of Easter and that the idea of Easter eggs since she represented fertility. The tale is many years old, however the notion of rebirth and renewal around spring time is ever relevant as a new season is a great time to check in with yourself and your happiness status as well as re-align yourself with your goals. Perhaps you are carrying around old things that no longer serve you? Or maybe there’s a better way of living – a way for you to wake up happier each morning? Here are a few tips on how to clean out your mind and be happier.


Check in with yourself and shred what doesn’t benefit you

When was the last time you checked in with yourself and took time to listen to how you are feeling? So many times we are so busy living that we forget to notice if we are happy living the way that we do. Take time to make a list of the things in your life that you are happy with as well as a list of the things you spend your time doing that you don’t like spending your energy on. Is there anything that can be changed for the better? Try to keep a non-judgmental mind as you are writing down what works and what doesn’t. Next, notice how you feel about the areas you’d like to improve; is something stopping you from making alterations? Often, we have old stories we tell ourselves again and again; limiting beliefs and how we portray ourselves that can be in the way of us feeling like we are able to get life set up how we want. Try to remember that the sky is the limit – and also that you’re not meant to be a superstar in EVERYTHING! If you need something and you don’t know the answer – don’t be afraid to ask someone for help!


Connect With Your Purpose

Being happy in life is so much easier if we feel like we are on the right path. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or have been with your employer for a long time it’s easy to lose sight of what drove you there in the first place. Every single one of us were born with a special gift – are you living in a way that honors yours and that is bringing you to where you want to be? Maybe you’re an accountant, but really you wanted to be your own boss or perhaps you’ve started your own business but have forgotten why you did it. Did you grow up in a family that told you that a lot of money or a safe profession is what you should strive for? Or did you embark on a career a while back that served you then, but maybe doesn’t anymore? Allow yourself to step into your power, believe in yourself and start to take little steps that take you in the right direction. Do what feels right in your gut – even if that means leaving something you’ve been building for a while.


Take Back Control

In a world where it’s expected that we are connected online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it’s easy to allow this digital life to take over our real life. However, the truth of the matter is, that’s a decision we make ourselves. If we remember that technology should complement our life rather than control it, we can create a balance we are comfortable with.

Setting your own boundaries and sticking up for yourself is so important – not just in your career but also in the rest of your life. Social media and digital content may have blurred the lines between work and private life, but you can put that into a schedule that works for you; know when you are available for emails and phone calls, be clear about that and then shut down after a certain time each day to allow yourself to switch off. It’s not your job to jump around in a way that suits everyone else; it’s your job to take care of yourself and respect yourself enough to honor that.


Be Kind to Yourself; Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy

Having recently joined the team of Bodyism trainers I have now joined a company who bears the motto; ‘Be Kind to Yourself’. (It is literally carved in stone outside the flagship store in Notting Hill.) Ironically, it’s so simple and yet so hard at the same time for many of us. We’re so busy trying to build a life, a career, a body, an image etc. that we forget how to look after ourselves in the process. All of the sudden our mind and our body is something to be pushed and pushed and pushed with drive towards an ambition to be a certain way. But whatever happened to looking inside and taking care of ourselves the way we would take care of a daughter, mother, sister… with kindness? If you just take a second to examine how you speak to yourself internally, is it in a kind tone? If not, then what is the tone and will that tone make you a healthy happy person or will it break you down in the long run? And if you question the motivation that lies behind that HIIT class you did after your last night out or the motivation behind staying on a strict calorie counting diet is that kindness towards yourself? You are a beautiful soul and you deserve to live a healthy and happy life; live it because you are taking care of and being kind to yourself – not because you are a project to be completed. Go out, have cake, spread love, sweat, eat well, laugh into your belly – enjoy it all and do it because it makes you happy!

It’s never too late to clean up your mindset; “Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”  Buddha


words by Mai Copsoe – @Scandinavian_Earthchild

Model – Cat Meffan

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