Our precious locks can easily get forgotten about this time of the year… We are all (rightly so) extremely focused on making sure we have the best, most advanced SPF’s that protecting the delicate strands of hair on our heads often falls by the wayside. In reality, though, our hair needs just as much care and attention as our skin as summer holidays can wreck frizzy, damaged havoc on our hair. Here is our 3-step guide to achieving beach-worthy, glossy, summer hair that even the likes of Natasha Oakly would be proud of!


Rule number one… cleanse properly. Hairdressers don’t double cleanse just to waste your time! After a long day at the beach, you’ll want to rid your hair and scalp of salt and sand, so taking some extra time to cleanse your hair twice will definitely be worth your while. We love Duck & Dry’s Up, Up & Away Feather Light Shampoo. It’s incredibly light, deeply cleansing formula will help you achieve extra voluminous roots and, packed with essential oils, this shampoo will completely nourish your hair from top to bottom. Another awesome shampoo is Maria Nila’s True Soft Shampoo. This formula is particularly well suited to those with dry, brittle and coloured hair as the smoothing argan oil acts as a nourishing barrier from the salty air. Fighting frizz and static electricity, the Colour Guard Complex will also help protect your hair from UV rays and free radicals. Perfect for sun-worshipers!


Maintaining good hair condition on holiday can be tricky, especially when battling against humidity and chlorine! Aside from good quality conditioner, we recommend including some deeply hydrating masks into your routine to lock in moisture and create thick, shiny locks. We swear by Gielly Green’s Repair Mask to restore and nourish our hair. The sumptuous combination of oils and natural emollients provide a catwalk-worthy shine right from the hair cuticles down to the ends. This is a real treat for your hair! Another product we can’t recommend enough is, more likely than not, sitting in your kitchen cupboard! Can you guess?… Yes, it’s multi-tasking wonder, coconut oil! Simply cover your hair from top to bottom in this sweet smelling oil overnight and wake up with lusciously soft, healthy hair!


So, you’ve cleansed and conditioned your hair for protection and nourishment… now it’s time to style your healthy locks for real Rosie Huntington-Whitely waves! Try Aveda’s Thickening Tonic for bigger, bouncier, fuller hair! Proven to thicken and expand hair after just one use, this 97% naturally derived formula will effortlessly create a Hollywood-worthy do in half the time! Another nifty product that will help create the tousled beach look with out causing any damage is OUAI’s Wave Spray. Formulated with rice protein instead of traditional sea salt, this ultra-fine mist will create loose, beachy waves minus the “crunch”. We love!


A beach bag essential we won’t be leaving home without this year has to be Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This lightweight, water-resistant UV defence mist will form an invisible layer of protection from sun exposure to minimize damage, dryness and colour fade. Cinnamon bark and wintergreen will help to provide a barrier against UVA and UVB, whilst the anti-oxidising blend of green tea, certified sunflower seed oil and vitamin E will help protect from free radical damage. A small but mighty product!

words by Molly Jennings