So, why do we love matcha so much? If you’ve been following us for some time, you know how obsessed we are with matcha tea for all of its awesome health benefits! From boosting your moods to boosting your immunity, there really isn’t anything that matcha doesn’t do!


Traditionally, matcha comes in a powdered form and you need to use a special whisk in order to rid your matcha paste of bumps and lumps before you pour in hot water, but thankfully, Pukka Tea makes the process much easier with their handy sachets so you are able to enjoy the benefits of matcha anytime, anywhere!


Here are a few reminders of why we love matcha so much…

When the colder weather sets in we start to notice an exponential increase in the amount of sniffles and muffled coughs we hear. During flu season, are immune systems are much more likely to be susceptible to bugs that can keep us feeling down. The catechins found in matcha green tea leaves have been shown to contain antibiotic properties and you’ll be ingesting really great quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A and B, Iron and Calcium to name a few, which all contribute to a healthy, strong immune system. So drink up, buttercup!


While there is enough caffeine in matcha to help get our days started, it is L-Theanine (an amino acid) that enhances the production of alpha waves in the brain, which induces a more relaxed, calm and focused state of mind. It’s the ultimate solution for those afternoons where we are feeling a bit drag but don’t want a caffeine overload from coffee!


Enhance your workout
Some days, the plain truth is that it is hard to get ourselves to the gym and we’d rather just have a lie in. Next time you have this feeling, warm up the kettle and drink your matcha and you’ll feel pumped and ready to break a sweat! Not only do you experience sustained energy levels that can last up to six hours, but matcha will also help increase your endurance right before a sweat session. Samurai warriors are known to have drunk matcha tea before their battles in order to boost their physical endurance. Channel the fight within and push for an extra mile or an extra 30 seconds on that plank!


The only thing left to do is decide what Pukka Matcha Tea to choose! For a cleansing, detoxing lift, opt for the Clean Matcha Green with added herbs and lemon. For a digesting blend, stick to Mint Matcha Green with spearmint and peppermint to sooth bloated tummies. For a morning boost, choose Ginseng Matcha Green to supercharge your day! And for days when you need an extra anti-oxidant boost, grab Supreme Matcha Green for it’s rejuvenating powers!

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