Ah, breakfast… Our favourite meal of the day! As the mornings get tougher and more bleak at this time of the year, we’re utterly grateful that the idea of a delicious breakfast can get us out from under our warm bed covers! Although breakfast is a lot of people’s favourite meal of the day, there’s a lot of confusion on what a balanced, healthy breakfast looks like! Does the power of protein rise above or are slow releasing carbs the best energy provider? We thought we’d get some inspiration from three of our most loved fitness bloggers! Here’s what they chow down in the mornings!

Natalie Glaze

Natalie Glaze
I am a huge breakfast lover, in fact my life often revolves around breakfast and brunch…sad but true. So my go to breakfast does depend on what I have going on that day, how much time I have and my exercise. I am an avocado lover through and through so when I have more time I love nothing more than smashed avocado on rye bread with poached eggs and all the chilli flakes. This keeps me full and energised for the day ahead and is full of good fats and protein. When I am shorter on time I throw together a green smoothie normally all the greens I have in the house with some frozen banana and some vegan protein powder this is a quick and simple way of getting my greens in and giving me the energy I need.

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Carly Rowena
There’s so much information and food porn related posts out there when it comes to breakfast, I am an absolute beast when i wake up in the morning and always go to bed dreaming of breakfast so what I have to start my day is seriously important to me. What defines itself as a healthy breakfast to me, is also defined by how to intend on eating or training the rest of that day..

If you’re afraid of carbs and are planning on having as little as possible in your day (something i don’t recommend)  then this is where I always advise having them, banana and PB on toast, eggs and avocado or porridge with nuts and seeds.

If you like to fill your day with plenty of healthy carbs, then i’d suggest opting for a more protein or fat based breakfast, eggs and avocado with spinach, one of my protein smoothies or an omelette.

If you love to workout in the morning but can’t stomach the idea of food then you need to make sure that you have something prepared post workout, portable overnight oats, homemade granola with greek yoghurt or a homemade energy bar.

Think of your food as a whole day, try to make sure it sits around 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats for a healthy, balanced diet.

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Lottie Murphy Blogger ©Gary Morrisroe

image: Gary Morrisroe

Lottie Murphy
My go to breakfast is a homemade muesli with rice milk and berries. It’s super simple to make a batch on a Sunday and you can change up the ingredients depending on what you fancy. I’m currently loving a pecans and coconut combo. I love it because it fills me up and is so quick and easy in the morning. I’ve always loved cereals growing up and don’t often fancy eggs or a savoury breakfast too early in the morning so this is my go to healthy option. Here’s a link to my homemade muesli recipe!

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