In light of her recent visit to London to launch her brand new cookbook Simpilicious, this month, we caught up with New York Times best-selling author and I Quit Sugar founder Sarah Wilson to find our more about her healthy living philosophy. On a mission to inspire the masses to JERF (just eat real food), stay tuned this week for her top tips for quitting the sweet stuff, her favourite easy food swaps, day on a plate and two mouth-watering recipes from Simpilicious to get you inspired to live sugar-free for life! First up, her wellbeing philosophy…

What does wellness mean to you?

It’s very much grounded in simplicity in order to create more space. Restriction, or lack of space – between ourselves, between activities, and so on – are at the root of all illness and disease.

What is the first step we should take to upgrade their health?

Quit sugar. Learn to meditate. Exercise every day (but it need only be a twenty minute walk).

What lessons have you learned since starting your health journey that have improved or enriched your life in some way?

That no matter how hard you try to steer things otherwise, life will come to you. I’ve had to learn this from decades of forcing and trying to steer things. It’s only when I’ve stopped doing this that life has rushed in and taken me to the next stage.

What is your favourite quote or saying to live by?

Where the mind goes the energy flows.

What is your exercise philosophy?

The key is every day. Doing something, every day. It need only be a twenty-minute walk, but it’s the every day bit that matters. At the moment for me, walking is one of my forms of transport. It means I get my exercise done, but it also ensures I have pockets in my day – when I walk to the post office, my office, to a meeting – where there is some time to think clearly and recalibrate. Most of us don’t need big slabs of time to recalibrate; just 5-15 mins here and there throughout the day is enough to stay on track.

Sarah’s new book Simpilicious featuring 306 simple and delicious recipes to get us all cooking is out now!

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