From his top tips to satisfying hunger, waking up your willpower and wanting to exercise, this week the amazing Dalton Wong has been filling us in on his healthy lifestyle philosophy and we couldn’t be more excited to start putting into practise some of the amazing pieces of advice he has offered. As an added bonus and to end the week in true Hip & Healthy style, we quizzed Dalton on his typical day on a plate! Read on for the lowdown…

Breakfast – Usually a green smoothie or a juice. I like to get a hit of fibre from a smoothie first thing in the morning. At the weekend I love sourdough bread, avocado, eggs and tomatoes.

Lunch/Dinner – Usually stir fried veg with chicken or beef, maybe some rice on the days when I’ve done jujitsu. At the weekend I love to have a roast dinner with chicken or beef.

Treats – Air popped popcorn or corn chips with guacamole. I’m more of a savoury person. I also love it when my kids make baked cookies, just normal ones with sugar, flour etc. – you’d be a fool not to have them, that’s when health goes too far. How can young people have a healthy and balanced lifestyle when their parents don’t follow one? Children learn diets and restrictive eating fads from watching their parents. Monday-Friday I’m Dalton the trainer, but at the weekend I’m Dalton the dad.

FITSPIRATION: Jennifer Lawrence’s PT Dalton Wong