Here at Hip & Healthy we love discovering all of the latest and greatest trends in the ever-growing health scene. From mixing up your workouts to finding new ways to nourish, here’s our roundup of the next big things for wellness in 2016.


There’s a reason boxing has become the favourite workout of the likes of Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne: the workout challenges cardiovascular fitness, strength and stamina all whilst shaping a lean body – not to mention the benefits of having the opportunity to punch out all of that emotional tension. Why so effective? Boxing works the entire body, muscle-wise, but also in terms of aerobic and anaerobic (short bursts) fitness.

Beauty From The Inside Out

With so many companies now making various beautifying elixirs in the form of liquid supplements, we’re predicting that this years skin care regime is going to be all about what you’re sipping on. The nutrients and antioxidants present in certain ingredients are finally being recognised as having glow-giving, acne-eliminating and anti-ageing properties, so a few extra supplements should definitely be on the agenda for anyone looking to be rid of brittle nails, dull hair and dark circles. We love Bare Biology’s super fish oil, jam-packed full of healthy 0mega-3s, essential for brainpower, good vision and gorgeous skin. Symprove also has our seal of approval (as well as that of Calgary Avansino FYI) for their Liquid Probiotics. The supplement contains the 4 strains of bacteria essential for a healthy gut, and due to the liquid formula, unlike other products you can expect 100% of the bacteria present to arrive in your gut live and ready for healthifying action.

Transition Zone’s HiPer Zone

We predict big things this year for Transition Zone newest addition the HiPer Zone which challenges Endurance, Speed and Power classes using state of the art equipment and heart-rate technology. Push yourself to the next level using the extensive range of equipment available, including battle ropes, a squat rack and wall climbing ladder, and train like a professional athlete as you track performance during the sessions, meaning not a second will go to waste – you’ll also receive a breakdown of results via email after the class. Sessions last just 45 minutes, making them ideal to squeeze into a busy schedule. You’ll be feeling stronger, empowered and more confident in no time!

Working Out To Feel, Not Look, Good

All too often in the past exercising has been focused on dropping a dress size or creating that unattainable thigh gap. Finally people are seeing fitness for what it can truly be: an amazing form of stress relief, an antidepressant, a way to feel strong and empowered, and yes, even fun and enjoyable! Working out isn’t about getting skinny, and once you’ve let go of that and stopped beating yourself up about your appearance, there’s space to truly appreciate how amazing exercise can make both your body and brain feel.


A 20 minute full body workout that allows for 98% muscle engagement and equates to a full 6 hours slogging it at the gym, E-Pulsive is perfect for anyone who is stretched for time yet keen to see results. Electrical impulses (totally safe and not painful!!) are used to achieve controlled muscle contractions within targeted muscles without the need for any signal from your nervous system. The result? Just a few sessions a week can lead to stronger, more defined muscles, an increase in metabolism and decreases in back and joint pain.


So we all know about superfoods now, in fact it’s pretty impossible to avoid them! But 2016 is all about the superherbs and their stress relieving qualities. Some plants have been found to have superpowers that can help the body adapt to and handle its own specific needs, and work wonders for banishing stress and exhaustion. Superherbs can be used to improve all kind of health-related issues related to health, unlike any other food. You’ll see the herbs popping up in drinks such as juices, smoothies and superfood lattes, as well as making an appearance in beauty products and even your favourite bars of raw chocolate. We love Gingseng for its blood-sugar levelling affects, Holy Basil to fight off fatigue (its also known as an anti-ageing miracle cure in India) and Ashwagandha to ease anxiety.


Activewear is storming the world as the next big trend, however now it’s all about athleisure wear – activewear for real life that will happily take you from yoga to brunch to running your daily errands in perfect style. Even mega brand Levi’s have admitted that jean sales are down among women as everyone’s keen to get in on the legging-look; and who’s to blame them when we see the likes of Karlie Kloss and Jessica Alba rocking their street style workout wear. Shop the best of athleisure here.

Words By Meryn Turner 

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