111CRYO has launched the UK’s first infrared heat chamber in Harvey Nichols. Complementary to their signature 111CRYO therapy, an intense treatment where you enter into a -90-degree chamber, 111HEAT uses pioneering technology to blast the body with infrared heat to release toxins from the inside. The treatment takes place in their brand new body pod which heats up to 90 degrees! Simply lay back and relax for 30 minutes as the infrared heat does its work leaving you with all the health benefits which include an increase in blood circulation and collagen, muscle recovery, detoxification of cholesterol and toxins and cellulite loss. Choose whether you want to recharge the body with energy in medium heat or build up a sweat and burn body fat in hot heat with the settings which you can alter throughout the treatment. If you’re feeling extra brave, you can even complete a lying down workout using resistance bands in the heat chamber to maximise burning body fat! Choose from a range of essentials oils to suit your mood and massage vibrations for the full relaxing experience! Your head is positioned outside of the chamber with a choice of LED lights shining onto the face, different colours can be selected to target skin issues such as acne scarring and boosting brightness. For optimum results, complete the 111HEAT treatment followed by the 111CRYO treatment. Together, they make the ultimate exhilarating body treatment which aids muscle recovery through stimulating metabolic activity and circulation without putting the body under stress. This combo is super popular with A-listers and athletes as it gets your body feeling it’s best and your endorphins flying high!

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