Whether you’re travelling by plane, train or bus, being on-the-go can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. The upheaval that comes with travelling – lack of sleep, adapting to time zones, being surrounded by foreign microbe – can put stress on your body, mind and immune system. However, travelling doesn’t need to be a stressful experience!

With a little forward planning and preparation, you can save yourself unnecessary stress and protect your immune system in advance. Below we have ten tried-and-tested ways to make travelling less stressful so you can have the healthiest and happiest trip possible.


Let someone do the work for you

The stresses of travelling can even start before you’ve booked your holiday so why not let a reputable travel company do all the hard work for you? We adore booking our far flung travels with Turquoise Holidays. Two members of the H&H team booked their honeymoon with help from the wonderful people at Turquoise and they seamlessly take care of everything and can customise and tailor a holiday just for you. There is honestly nothing more boring than scrolling endlessly through websites and comparison sites so we always plump for Turquoise whenever our adventurous travel feet kick in.


Make a packing checklist before you go

We love creating lists; to-do lists, bucket lists, shopping lists – you name it, we have a list for it. Having your thoughts clearly set out on paper can help you to feel more in control of a situation, so being prepared will ensure you feel organised and less stressed before your trip. A week before you go, write down everything you need to take. You can keep adding to your list as more things pop into your mind, but this way you’ll be less likely to forget the essentials!


Try not to over pack

Using your checklist should help to avoid over-packing, but it’s important to be ruthless and make sure everything you take is absolutely necessary. Trying to juggle a suitcase, handbag, camera bag and rucksack is not a good look, and it will simply cause tension for your joints, muscles and mind, leaving you feeling less than relaxed whilst travelling. Once you think you’ve finished packing, go through and remove anything you don’t need.


Carry filling snacks

We all know that plane food is renowned for being about as exciting as the school canteen. It can also be difficult to find healthy, wholesome choices when you’re 10,000 feet in the air. The best way to deal with this is to arm yourself with healthy snacks such as mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit. This way you can keep your energy levels up and won’t have to worry about eating food that leaves you feeling sluggish.


Take a travel pillow

Sometimes things will happen that are out of your control: flight delays, heavy traffic, taxi drivers getting lost… the list goes on. At these times, having a memory foam travel pillow is like a gift from God. It can help you to relax and get to sleep almost anywhere, relieving you of the stress and anxiety of any changes to your itinerary. Try this luxury memory foam neck support cushion for ultimate comfort.


Always have hand sanitiser in your bag

We know that some hand sanitisers can be harsh on the skin, leaving hands feeling dry and even stinging. However, when travelling it’s better to kill any lurking germs than to go with unclean hands. The last thing you want to do is spend three days of your trip dashing between the bed and the bathroom! We recommend a gentle, organic product like the Bentley Organic Moisturising Hand Sanitiser.


Stay hydrated

Make sure you have a refillable bottle of water on hand so it’s easier for you to stay hydrated. If you’re in a hot climate, or you’re doing lots of physical activities like skiing, hiking or swimming, it’s even more important to drink lots of water. This helps to avoid things like sun stroke, headaches and dehydration ruining your trip. We love having our refillable S’Well Bottle on hand – it’s eco-friendly and keeps drinks cold for 24 hours!


Download podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a great way to unwind, pass the time and educate yourself whilst on long journeys. Download some episodes ahead of your travels so you can simply plug in your earphones, gaze out the window and escape into your own little world. We recommend starting with TED Talks audio.


Know your numbers

As previously stated, traveling can throw many stressful situations your way like delays, getting lost etc so have all your key phone numbers written down in a notebook (no good putting them in your phone if you lose battery!) like hotels, local taxi companies and emergency contacts. That way, if something goes wrong and you need those numbers quickly, you can access them in no time. Trust us, when you’re in a foreign country with no wifi or signal where googling numbers isn’t an option, you’ll be thankful you wrote down numbers!



Make sure everything is charged

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a trip and realising that all your electricals are out of battery. Make sure you charge all your gadgets –  phone, iPad, kindle – the night before your trip to avoid any surprise ‘low battery’ messages. It’s also worth investing in a portable phone charger too… we love this Marble one from Urban Outfitters!


By Laura Bell

Laura is a freelance writer, plant-based blogger and editor of the online HBC magazine. She loves green smoothies, spinning and dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter. She also has a weakness for a strong G&T.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/life_bylaura/