Winter makes everything just that little bit harder and hair just loves to do its own thing, which is often not what you want it to do. Here are our ten rules to happy, healthy hair…



Diet: If the cold winter days are making you reach for comfort carbs rather than proteins and leafy greens, then a supplement is well worth taking, we are what we eat and hair shows this. Hair, Skin and Nails, £8.97, www.victoriahealth.com

Get it cut: Get prepared now with strong, healthy ends and you will be able to keep them for longer when they become sun-kissed in summer.

Dullness: Leave in serum or argan oil, which is getting rave reviews left, right and centre as it really nourishes the hair and brings shine back on those dull winter days. Organic Argan Oil, £4.99, www.organicarganoil.co.uk

Go Style Wild: Be more adventurous and try sharp looks that complement a bolder winter wardrobe, and they are also more likely to hold now without summer’s heat. Try a gelled tight high pony, or an updo pleat, or even the very on trend high ballerina bun.

Go Blonde: If you are a natural blonde, now is the perfect time to introduce a few subtle highlights as this is the darkest time of year for your hair. Make them last until summer and the sun will do the rest.

Dryness: Central heating and cosy cars, and excessive hair drying rather than air drying, all dry out healthy hair. To counteract these issues use a moisture infusing shampoo and conditioner and put on a hair mask for an extra boost. I love the Kérastase Nutritive line, you will see and feel the difference.

Try a Different Shade: Clairol Nice and Easy level 1 lasting 6 to 8 washes does wash out so you can have a touch of drama whilst skin tones are paler.

Frizziness: Stop a beat short when rinsing out conditioner as it will help leave a little more weight in the hair. Use a paddle brush as this will also help keep it under control. Aveda, £18, www.aveda.co.uk

Fly-Away Hair: Central heating, and brushing hair just increases the problem! Hairspray on your hairbrush is one recommendation, but I prefer hands under the tap and almost towel dry, then just smooth over the hair. This gives just a touch of moisture and can be repeated as the problem reappears without any product build up.

Hat Hair: Cycling to work? Or keeping dry from the rain? Hat hair is easy to revive with some of the amazing styling powders around, shake, rub and you are restored. I like V05’s Instant oomph.


Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42431369@N02/