To end our whole food revolution week with Nākd, we asked you to comment your burning nutrition questions on instagram so we could get them answered for you! Nutritional Therapist and current Hip & Healthy cover girl, Fran Phillips sheds light below, on some of your questions!

“I know that eating healthy can sometimes become unhealthy (especially if you overthink it and start limiting things). How can you recongnise this to ensure you’re not falling into orthorexia?”

FP – I’d say that if it’s interfering with your social life, you start to fear eating certain foods or you find yourself concealing what you’re eating, then you may need to talk to a registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in eating disorders. Being healthy includes mental wellbeing also


“Bored of my day-to-day healthy snacks… Can you suggest anything a little different that tastes good?”

FP – Snacking isn’t for everyone but if it works for you I’d recommend oatcakes with hummus, an apple or date with nut butter, coconut yogurt, homemade energy balls, a chia seed pot or a protein shake made with hemp or pea protein, ice & almond milk


“I’ve heard it is not advisable to snack on too much fruit… what’s your view on this?”

FP – I’d advocate eating no more than 3 pieces of fruit a day, ensuring that you also eat plenty of vegetables. Those who suggest too much fruit is “bad” are talking about the sugar content in fruit. To avoid spikes in blood sugar levels, eat fruit alongside a small handful of nuts


“What is the best replacement for processed sugar? Have been using pure organic maple syrup but heard that brown rice syrup may be better?”

FP –  Personally I use organic maple syrup, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar or raw honey


“Is it true that mixing plant protein with animal protein in one meal is not ideal?”

FP – There are many different theories on food combining. I’d say it’s more important to judge how you feel after eating certain foods. If you don’t get bloated or suffer any adverse effects then there’s no need to separate the two


“Can eating too much fruit have any negative effects on the skin?”

FP – It’s been proven that eating too much sugar can have adverse effects on the skin. Whilst fruit does contain sugar, I wouldn’t recommend cutting it out completely. It has many beneficial effects – hydration, vitamins and minerals and fibre are all great for glowing skin


“What foods are most important to eat organic (when you’re on a budget)? Are there some foods where it matters much less?”

FP – Most importantly, if possible, make sure the meat and dairy you eat are organic. With regards to fruit and vegetables, you can look at the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to find out where you should go organic and where it doesn’t matter so much


“I’ve given up chocolate this year and wanted to know if you had any substitutes for when those chocolate cravings kick in?”

FP – Loading up on dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, chard, rocket) can help to reduce chocolate cravings due to the high magnesium content. Taking a chromium supplement can also help reduce sugar cravings


“What defines a food as a whole food?”

FP – A whole food is any food that has not been altered from its natural state. For example, an apple is a whole food because you eat it exactly as nature provides it. Some food can have minimal processing (e.g. nut butter has been processed to get to that state) whilst others can have a lot of processing (e.g. fast food undergoes many stages of processing to end up as the finished burger and chips or pizza) 


“Is caffeine ok n moderation and if so how much should we have per day?”

FP – Caffeine is such a personal thing – some people can feel great drinking coffee whilst others react adversely. I usually advocate no more than 2 coffees a day, preferably organic, drank before 12 midday

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