We chat to Hong Kong based wellness guru Nealy Fischer about her new venture Mayya as well as snacks, fitness and her daily diary. How does the busy business woman and mother of four fit it all in?

What inspired you to set up MAYYA?
I was tired of having a dream and not doing anything about it it. I was unhappy and almost angry at myself for looking in the mirror and seeing the “mini me” rather than my full potential. Literally, one day I woke up and said today is the day that i’m going to put my fear of failure aside and live my fullest potential.

EXPLAIN what MAYYA aims to achieve?
MAYYA’s mission is to inspire women to fulfil their potential so that they can live more mindful and healthy lives. I would like to give women the tools necessary to navigate the ocean of options in the wellness sphere and make it simpler to craft their best bodies and dream their best lives.

When did you get into heathy living and why?
I grew up in the 80’s; my mom was ahead of her time and didn’t let us eat candy bars…we had whole wheat bread and soup after school (funny, at that time whole wheat bread was considered good for you). So I was raised with a healthy mindset. I got into exercise at a very young age and by 17 was already teaching group fitness classes at my local gym! It was my way, as a teenager, to deal with my body and feel like i had some control over my life. I was always looking at the new exercise trends and went from teaching and privately training to leading yoga classes, workshops and cooking classes.

Favorite healthy snack?
Sprouted almonds and homemade kale chips. I also love dark chocolate!

What do you have for breakfast?
I am a breakfast creature of habit! Almost everyday I have a three-egg white omelet with assorted veggies. If I’m really hungry I’ll also have some fruit or a side salad. And a cup of coffee and tons of hot water.

How do you keep fit?
Regular yoga practice and a barre workout routine that I practice at home. Plus hiking and some cardio at the gym. I also walk everywhere. I never stand still on escalators and try to avoid taxis!

What is your biggest luxury in life?
Dark chocolate…I have this thing about luxurious dar chocolate bars… I buy a bar and just have a bite and the rest of the bars just get accumulated in my pantry. I’ve totally got to stop!

Who inspires you?
My husband; he is even busier than I am managing his own business but when he comes home is is able to switch work off and wrestle with the kids.

What gets you up in the morning?
I LOVE what I do. I’m excited about the challenges that my day brings. My work is my passion and my passion is my work. I also feel extremely blessed to wake up to my four amazing kids in the morning. Some days, though, what gets me up are my commitments. I may not always want to get to work for whatever reason but I know people are counting on me.

For more info on Mayya check out the website: http://mayyamovement.com

What do you think about before bed?
I’m embarrassed to say that my pre-bedtime practices are far from ideal… I usually think about my day, what i’ve accomplished and what I didn’t and how I can do better tomorrow. My ideal pre-bed activity is reading – I have a huge pile of books near my bed and I find that when I read something stimulating before bed and switch of my monkey brain I tend to sleep better and wake up with far more insights. Thanks for asking this question, i’m totally going back to my pre-bed reading practice tonight!

How do you relax?
The cool down portion of my yoga workout; foot massages; lazy weekends at home testing new recipes; random pockets in my day where I shut my door and just sit quietly for a few minutes to recharge; with a great book on the couch saturday mornings; some sake with my husband at our favourite Japanese restaurant.

What motto do you live by?
“This too shall pass” Childbirth and mothering has taught me about the extremes of pain and pleasure and the funny thing is I try not to get too attached to either because they both pass!

What does your diary look like?
Are you sure you want to know? I wake up at 5:00am and get work done..7:00am get kids to school then exercise..these days the rest of my day is jammed with work for MAYYA. I try and be home with my kids when they get home from school. Although my days are busier than they used to be I try ad get an apron on and whip something up in the kitchen everyday. I usually plug back into work after dinner but once a week I’m out on date night with my husband!

What couldn’t you live without?
I could live without anything except for my husband and my kids