In celebration of Hip & Healthy’s 10th Anniversary, we wanted to go big when it comes to beauty, so we reached out to 10 of the biggest names in the industry to uncover their ultimate beauty secrets. And when we say the biggest, we really mean the biggest. From celebrity facialists who count the likes of Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Victoria Beckham as clients, to founders of some of the best natural and “clean” brands in the business, these are the secrets to looking and feeling your best, according to the pros.

Practice Positivity

Gucci WestmanCelebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Westman Atelier

“When you go to bed at night and feel your best in every regard, everything falls into place.  You are your most beautiful when you have that ultimate balance!”

Pre-Cleanse Cleverly

Irene ForteFounder of Irene Forte Skincare

“I do a pre-cleanse some mornings when my skin needs an added boost. This involves a face massage ‘cleanse’ using my ‘Rose Face Oil’. It’s lightweight and fast-absorbing and contains 30% stabilised vitamin E to soften and moisturise, and a powerful omega-rich oil blend to condition and protect. Before washing my face in the morning, I apply it to my skin using effleurage sweeping movements. I then do a little ‘face workout’ with deep circles, knuckling, and some lymphatic movements. This helps to stimulate circulation, lift, and sculpt the face. It also boosts the lymphatic system, eliminates toxins, and de-puffs.”

Alkalise Your Body

Susanne Kaufmann Founder of Susanne Kaufmann skincare

“Hyperacidity in the body can wreak havoc on your body and skin, which is why it’s so important to neutralise the pH of your skin and balance its equilibrium every day. I love to drink our ‘Acid Alkalizing Tea’ or alkaline water first thing when I wake up. For the skin, I brave a cold shower each morning to revive the body and encourage circulation. I swear by our ‘Alkali Salts Deacidifying’ and enjoy an alkali facial cleanse after showering to neutralise the skin, especially when exposed to hard water. I just add a couple of spoonfuls to my basin mixed with warm water and delicately cleanse my face. The alkali salts help to release blocked energy and promote the elimination of toxins and restores balance.”


Sunday RileyFounder and CEO of Sunday Riley skincare

“Your skincare routine can’t be as effective as it should be if you don’t exfoliate. You don’t want your valuable skincare serums and creams sitting on top of your skin because you have a layer of dead skin cells creating a barrier that they can’t get past. Always use an AHA!”

Get Moving

Su-ManCelebrity Facialist and Founder of Su-Man skincare

“My best beauty secret is to keep your body as young as possible (for as long as possible) and the key to that is MOVEMENT! Our body is designed to move, and it has to have movement to function. However, movement is not just about burning calories. Movement balances and stimulates all aspects of our physiology, and as we all know, physical activity can help reduce many chronic illnesses to improve our physical and mental health and general well-being.  As a former professional dancer, I learned the beauty of practising physical activities and the benefits. When I’m doing facials, I immediately see the youthfulness coming back to my client’s face, as it’s all about stimulating the skin and the Qi energy. To practise movement at home, my beauty secret is to incorporate Gua Sha into your beauty routine – not only on your face, but also on your body to stimulate circulation, active the Qi energy and body chakras, and remove stagnation, the main cause of ageing.”

Don’t Forget These

Sarah Chapman – Celebrity Facialist and Founder of Skinesis

“Always apply your rejuvenating and protective creams and serums around the front and back of the neck and on your earlobes. It’s easy to forget these areas, but they are almost constantly exposed to the elements, hence why they often suffer from sun damage and can look stretched, wrinkled, and dehydrated.”

Pass on Powders

Rose-Marie Swift – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of RMS Beauty  

“The magic recipe for beautiful skin on mature women is to use creams, not powders. Continued use of powder can overly age us in two ways – in the long term, it can cause actual, premature ageing due to its dehydrating ingredients. And in the short term, it creates the visual appearance of ageing by exaggerating areas of the skin that aren’t as smooth as they once were. And wear less! Remember, makeup cannot erase wrinkles. Wear too much foundation and it can collect in fine lines and wrinkles, which ages your appearance more than if you were wearing nothing at all. The more sheer the makeup is, the more hydrated and youthful your skin looks. I love my RMS Beauty “un” cover-up foundation, applied over “re” evolve radiance locking primer. Before you apply, dampen the skin with clean water, then add a few drops of ‘RMS Beauty Oil’, and let that absorb. You get a look that is natural, glowing, healthy, and radiant.”

Skip the Sun

Shani Darden – Celebrity Facialist and Founder of Shani Darden skincare

“My biggest beauty secret is to stay out of the sun. I know it’s something everyone hears me say on repeat, but it truly is the best way to prevent premature ageing. All the things you complain about as you age – fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation – are all from sun damage! Wear your sunscreen and protect yourself!”

Boost Your Blush

Amanda Harrington – Tanning Artist to the stars and Founder of Amanda Harrington London

“I discovered this semi-permanent blush hack using my ‘Rose Face Mists’ over a tinted moisturiser or on bare skin. ‘Honey’ works too for a more golden, summer bronze blush. Apply one spritz onto a blusher brush or my kabuki brush, smile, and buff into the apples of your cheeks as you would any blusher!”

Brave the Cold

Lauren Ireland Co-founder of Summer Fridays and content creator

“I love to use an extra cold washcloth on my face after showering or cleansing and use it to pat into my skin. It helps my skin look renewed and refreshed and it boosts circulation. I do this before applying my daily serum onto damp skin.”

by Frankie Rozwadowska