High street coffee shops and supermarkets have pulled out the stops this year with their vegan Christmas sandwiches. It seems like the selection of vegan fillings keeps getting better year on year!

Tesco Plant Chef Root Vegetable & Chestnut Wrap

Roasted root vegetables and chestnuts, paired with braised red cabbage, cranberry sauce, a pea protein alternative to mayonnaise, sage and onion stuffing and spinach, in a flavoursome beetroot and chia tortilla wrap.

Lidl Vegan Festive Feast

Vegan ‘turkey’, vegan mayonnaise and cranberry sauce… what’s not to love?

Pret Festive Falafel & Squash Sandwich

Herby roasted butternut squash topped with sweet potato falafel, Christmas pesto, pickled cabbage & carrot, port & orange cranberry sauce and vegan sage mayo. Finished with peppery rocket and crispy onions.

Sainsbury’s Vegan Pigs Under Blanket Sandwich

Mushroom and wheat protein sausage, wheat and pea protein slices, baconaise style vegan mayonnaise, cranberry chutney and onion on malted bread

Pret Beet Wellington Baguette

Slices of maple roasted beetroot on a bed of truffle-flavoured mushrooms, Christmas pesto and vegan sage mayo. Finished with rocket and crispy onions.

Boots Vegan No Turkey Feast

Flavoured soya protein pieces with vegan mayonnaise, cranberry chutney, vegan sage and onion stuffing, spinach, steam-roasted and seasoned red cabbage and fried onions on malted bread.

M&S Food Plant Kitchen No Turkey Feast Sandwich

Roasted wheat and vegetable protein, vegan dressing with bacon flavour, cranberry chutney, spinach and fried onions on malted brown bread.

GRO Ho Ho No Turkey Feast Sandwich

Flame-grilled cooked flavoured soya protein with vegan mayonnaise, steam-roasted carrot and parsnip, cranberry chutney and sage and onion stuffing on fibre-enriched sage and onion bread.

Ole & Steen Merry Squashmas Toastie

Focaccia filled with roast squash, vegan stuffing, vegan tarragon mayo, cranberry sauce, Violife cheese and spinach.

Paul’s Bakery The Vegan Trimmings Sandwich

Carrots, maple roasted sprouts & chestnuts, stuffing crumb, Veganaise, cranberry sauce, salad, PAUL walnut baguette