Just because the sun has gone in, doesn’t mean the pool has to see less action. Water workouts are a brilliant way of keeping fit, toning up and can be done by just about anyone. We have rounded up some of the best new ways that you can work out in the water.

Aqua Zumba
Pool party or fitness class? We can’t decide. Fun, exciting and guaranteed to leave you feeling completely exhilarated and just a tad exhausted. Aqua Zumba will give you an amazing full-body workout to some classic pumping tunes. This class is a mix of traditional Zumba moves combined with aqua water exercises to tone, condition and boost cardio. Not for the faint hearted. http://www.zumba.com/en-US/party/classes/class-aqua-zumba 

Aqua Spinning
The future of spinning or a fad? I was unsure when I first heard about this, but once I tried it I realised it was neither. Aqua Spinning at Hydrofit claims a category all of its own. It’s spinning for the sybaritic spa goer that doesn’t mind getting a bit wet to get results. A spin session here will see you riding a bike that is submerged into a luxury hydro bathtub, being gently massaged by water jets, whilst watching your own personal flat screen TV. A 30 minute workout will see you burn 300 calories and it does wonders for cellulite too. http://www.hydrofit.co.uk 

Aqua Jogging
Yes. Apparently Aqua Jogging is indeed a thing. In fact, Jessica Ennis and Jennifer Anniston have both been reported as fans of the exercise. For those who love running but find that the impact can get a bit too much this could be for you, since the water resistance makes it much easier on the knees (whilst giving you a bit more of a workout too). It’s great for keeping in shape – regular runners will burn about 8 calories per minute, where as aqua runners will burn up to 11.5. You can buy your own personal auqa jogger treadmill, but for £15,000 it’s not cheap, so we suggest you start off in the pool.

Yoga in the pool – genius. Developed by Sue Gisser in LA, H2y0ga combines traditional yoga poses with water weights and woggles in saline water to create a weightless workout for body and mind. Every muscle is engaged as even basic yoga poses can become challenging when balancing in water. http://www.myh2yoga.com 

Water T’ai Chi
Created in California by Carol Argo, Water T’ai Chi takes the principles from traditional T’ai Chi and transfers these to the pool. The term T’ai Chi literally translates to “the river of energy that constantly flows” and often T’ai Chi students are asked to imagine their body slowly moving through water so what could be better than actually feeling it. It’s also a perfect exercise for those looking to relax and de-stress as there is a lot of concentration on the breath and the slow movement of your limbs. It helps to have some understanding of T’ai Chi before trying it in the water.