Being a sun worshiper can cause havoc to your skin. But before you think you can ditch the SPF now that autumn is approaching, think again! The sun’s UV rays can cause premature ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles and sunspots (to name a few) even through heavy cloud! We know it’s hard to believe but you should be slapping on that SPF year round for complete protection. Below are the best SPF’S that we’ve tried and tested for the perfect transition in to the cosiest time of year!

 La Roche Posay spf

La Roche Posay’s Anthelios AC spf 30 fluid ac mat anti-shine is a great option for those with very oil or acne prone skin. When it says mat, it means mat. No oily residue is left on the face at all, and its also fragrance and paraben free, so wont irritate any sensitivity sufferes. Top marks for being highly water resistant too.

 La Roche Posay

From the same brand, Anthelios XL spf 50+ Cream Comfort is a great option for drier skins, whilst offering a higher level of protection. It’s a lovely creamy texture, but not too greasy that it will break the skin out. And that higher factor is well suited to more delicate, paler complexions who tend to burn a bit more easily!


For something that feels a little more luxurious, Sunscreen for Face Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 50+ from Clarins is a winner. It offers high protection in a lightweight cream formula, which effortlessly glides onto the skin. This option contains, amongst other things, the ingredient aloe vera, which is very soothing and calming for the skin.


A great option for sensitive skin and a great all rounder is Ultrasun’s Anti-Aging & Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+. With it’s super lightweight formula, it sinks into the skin perfectly and contains no perfumes, mineral oils, emulsifiers or preservatives. It’s a ‘once a day’ cream, although important to re-apply if you swim as “water-resistant” does not mean “water-proof”.

Green People

If you’re looking for a brand that is certified organic, vegan and just generally more natural, then give Green People’s Facial Sun Cream SPF 30 a try. This scent-free formula offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin, especially complexions that are prone to prickly heat.