Suffering from sun-damaged hair? You’re not alone. During the summer months filled with sun, sea and sand our hair can start to feel unhealthy, dry and a little (or a lot) lack-lustre! In fact, a recent study conducted by haircare extraordinaire Phillip Kingsley showed that the leading cause of hair damage is sun exposure, sea salt and chlorine. With this in mind, we have compiled a selection of our favourite summer hair remedies to protect your locks from the elements and keep it looking luscious, healthy and gorgeous!


Flora & Curl – Hydrating Hair Mist
Humidity, sun and swimming can create chaos for curly, frizzy hair… but don’t panic because Flora & Curl are coming to the rescue. This plant powered brand uses an all natural, non-toxic blend of botanical extracts, plant butter and restorative-active ingredients designed to restore your scalps natural balance and tame wild, tangled tresses. Whatever your hair care needs their new range is guaranteed to have everything you need from leave in detangler to hydrating hair mist, designed for wavy, kinky or frizzy hair in need of some extra TLC.


Alchemy Oils – SPF Hair Remedy
Think it’s just your skin that needs SPF? Think again…your hair is actually just as much in need of protection from UV rays as your skin. But before you start lathering factor 30 suncream on your scalp, reach for Alchemy Oil’s new Grapefruit Hair Remedy to help combat sun-damaged hair. It’s key ingredient Grapefruit not only smells fragrant and delicious but also acts as a natural SPF and contains essential vitamins and amino acids that promote healthy cell growth to maintain and restore your scalp to optimum health. It also contains Virgin avocado oil (known for its hydrating properties) which will lock in moisture and protect your hair during summer’s sun-drenched days! Packaged in a totally leak-proof, 15ml bottle, this oil is the perfect addition to your carry on bag.


Philip Kingsley – Swim Cap
Originally designed for the US Olympic synchronised swimming team, SwimCap is the ultimate product for swimmers. Part of Philip Kingsley’s Summer Solutions range, this water-resistant cream provides maximum protection against the damaging effects that chlorine, UV rays and salt water can have on your hair. This high tech product does all this whilst deeply hydrating your hair as you swim, leaving it feeling silky smooth and protecting colour treated hair for any fading or discolouration.


Sister & Co – Raw Coconut Hair Drink
A potent blend of raw organic coconut oil, argan oil and macadamia oil infused with scalp stimulating rosemary and mandarin, this hair treatment restores and replenishes dry, damaged or colour-treated hair deep from within. Coconut oil is one of the few natural oils that actually penetrate the hair and doesn’t just coat the outside, meaning it actively strengthens and inhibits loss of nutrients.

Worried about putting oils in your hair? We get it, but don’t worry, this light blend of essential oils has been specifically designed to maintain your hair’s natural shine and manageability without weighing it down. And if that wasn’t enough, this invigorating blend of rosemary, mandarin and jasmine work to increase blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles to grow faster and healthier.


OUAI – Wave Spray
For an effortless beach wave without dryness or crazy frizz, try the Wave Spray by leading haircare brand OUAI who use ‘smart technology’ to tame your unruly tousles. Simply spritz it on damp or dry hair and create natural looking, ‘I woke up like this’ waves in seconds – sign us up! It’s a luxurious blend of fragrant Italian lemon, rose de mai, magnolia and lily will leave you not only looking gorgeous but smelling beautiful too!


Antonin B – Intense Honey Butter
Antonin B produces gorgeous hair products that are 100% natural, organic and cruelty-free that are perfect for thick hair of all kinds; straight, frizzy, long or short. Their Intense Honey Butter is the ultimate holiday hair essential if you’re suffering from sun-damaged hair as it works to combat any damage caused by sun, salt, chlorine and sand through its hydrating blend of cocoa butter, coconut and 5 different essential oils. This product is perfect for styling, and combating that holiday, humidity frizz! On top of that, you only need half a pea size drop to keep wild locks at bay meaning you know it will last!