How did you become interested in wellness/nutrition/fitness?
Throughout my childhood I suffered with health problems and was regularly placed on antibiotics – these reacted badly with me and unbalanced my gut. On top of this, I was consuming 80s children’s food and drinks, these were filled with food colourings and E number additives; it didn’t take long for my mother to realise that to increase my wellness she needed to change my diet and overall wellbeing. This was quite radical for the 1980s; I remember we’d go on long car journeys to track down soya milk!

A natural interest in food, fitness and healthy eating was born and this childhood lifestyle change generated immediate improvement to my health. I began dancing and found it not only to be a strength building discipline, but also therapeutic. Food is now my fuel, it helps me stay energised and strong when training I can share my experience and knowledge with my clients.


The Louisa Drake Method is based on a fitness fusion approach – why is this technique so effective?
My Method fights fitness fatigue, it’s a dynamic workout that keeps the mind and body guessing, the sessions do not allow you to get bored and your results will never plateau! An LDM session combines the most transformative elements of a whole host of fitness disciplines – cardio, conditioning, resistance and stretch. You’ll go from mat, to ball, and then onto the barre, before grabbing weights and transitioning to resistance – an LDM session always ends with stretching. It’s a surprisingly mindful way to workout and clients leave energised, not exhausted.


How can people access the Method?
There are several ways to access The Louisa Drake Method, you can attend newly launched monthly LDM Pop Up Studio Sessions across London, hosted in some of London’s most prestigious fitness studios and workout spaces, but they may pop up further afield – watch this space! The Method can also be accessed in your own home or local studio by booking a private or group session. My online video series allows users to purchase signature LDM sessions via louisadrake.com


What results can you expect from The Louisa Drake Method?
The Method is a shape-changer that generates a longer, leaner and strengthened body. You will sleep better, have glowing skin, lowered stress levels and increased metabolism. Clients discover muscles they never knew existed. You’ll find stubborn areas shape up and confidence increases!


LDM promotes a balanced approach to fitness, what does this mean?
The Method is not just about fitness and training, it also offers bespoke wellbeing guidance from lifestyle choices through to nutrition to maximize the effect of the LDM training, it’s important to connect the mind to the body, both need taking care of for optimum results.


What’s your secret fitness weapon?
The resistance band! I love using resistance bands as they are lightweight, portable, kind on joints and they create a new way to stimulate muscle growth. It’s an effective piece of the LDM kit and people are always surprised by how many varied movements I have created with just one band!


What’s the most important thing a fitness trainer should ask their clients?
‘How are you?’ Some fitness trainers neglect to find out what’s going on inside the mind and lifestyle of their clients. I’m so aware that mood affects how you train and how the body responds to exercise. Movement can be hugely therapeutic. I’m a trainer but also a guide and confidant, the LDM team are trained and experienced in so many disciplines that fuse together, we can re-program your session in the moment and offer up modifications to make things work for you. Every day is different and sometimes less is more.


What can we find in your gym bag bag?
A lot! I always travel with a resistance band or two and my trusty wellbeing products. Neom Organics intensive stress relief roller ball when travelling, these are great minis to keep in your bag and double up as fragrance. REN’s Vita Mineral moisturising cream and Flash Defence mist which is a genius product that shields your skin from pollution and free radicals – a must have for city living. I swear by Bare Biology’s Lionheart fish oil and always have some capsules on me to keep my omega 3 levels topped up. You’ll find scrunched up Detox Kitchen receipts after I’ve stopped off for a refuel. My gym bag is scattered with hair ties and I always carry Better You’s magnesium spray for post workout relief.



What are the three foods we can always find in your kitchen?
Eggs, a selection of nuts and seeds and avocados.


When you’ve had a busy day, how to you like to switch off and wind down?
A long soak in a bath with a lit candle and I will always stretch out on my yoga mat, it’s a nightly ritual for me. I try and avoiding getting too caught up with social media and emails and instead spend time catching up with my boyfriend, reading a book or watching Netflix.


How do you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle when travelling?
I always travel with essentials to keep me balanced for the journey. I am that person that stocks up with green juice sachets, Chia seed sachets, Pukka tea bags, nuts and healthy snacks. I don’t travel light and have been known to pack ankle weights in my holdall! I always have a travel mat, Lululemon’s (Un) Mat is great when on-the-move.

Depending on where I’m flying from I’ll head straight to the nearest Pret, Itsu or Leon to grab something for the flight. I’m not a fan of airplane food so I prefer to stick to whole foods, make sure I stay hydrated and avoid caffeine. I always keep a moisturiser and lip balm handy too.


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