In her dedicated studio, Pilates PT founder, Sweaty Betty ambassador and all-round super trainer Hollie Grant is putting women through results-driven, metabolism-boosting, muscle-building sweat sessions with a workout known as The Model Method.

The Model Method makes for one hardcore, super intense workout that will leave your body aching but feeling longer, leaner and stronger after just one session. Hollie devises her Method around a winning combination of weights and high intensity moves to torch calories and build strength and stamina complimented by reformer Pilates to stretch and lengthen for a balanced approach. Just when you’ve reached the zenith of exhaustion from TRX work, box jumps and plyometric exercises, you move on to the reformer section, which keeps your body guessing and aids in the sculpting of that much sought-after lithe and toned physique. It’s all very genius and the results are undeniable.

Hollie has clients wearing a heart rote monitor and stats band to provide immediate feedback on how hard they are working, enabling her to adjust accordingly to offer the most effective workout. With sessions burning up to 650 calories and maximum heart rates rocketing to 100% you know you’re getting the best and can see the results right there on your wrist.

Despite its unique approach, what sets The Model Method apart is Hollie herself. She is the most lovely caring person who immediately has you feeling comfortable, motivated and ready to sweat! During the 60 minute session, Hollie supports, guides and pushes you just enough to keep you going through the burpees and strikes that perfect balance between gentle guidance and knowing when to push you to your max. And it is this which makes The Model Method workout experience so special.

words by Natalie Glaze