The Foods You SHOULD Eat When Your Stressed

Stress gets to the best of us sometimes; whether it’s financial struggles, an upcoming deadline for work, or an issue in our relationships. Whilst some people eat in times of stress, it’s often the wrong […]

Can Becoming A Reducetarian Make You Healthier?

Over the last five years, there have been big developments and changes in the way we look at our diets. Veganism, once viewed as a restrictive and extreme way of eating (and living), is now […]

long-term fitness

5 Key Factors For Long-Term Fitness

Don’t dismiss autumn as an excellent time to really fall in love with fitness. Although many people say the warmer months make sticking to an exercise regime much easier, you’re still going to face the […]

13 Of The Best Zero-Waste Shops In The UK

Want to rethink the way you shop? Interested in doing your bit for the planet by reducing your waste consumption? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the rise of zero-waste shops popping up […]

Global Warming

Global Warming – 5 Changes You Need To Make ASAP

A new report from IPPC has just been released revealing the harsh reality surrounding global warming. Information has shown we are exceeding the global warming safe limit of 1.5°C. We are, instead, increasing by 2°C […]

Guide To The Hawaiian Islands

Hip & Healthy Guide To The Hawaiian Islands

With over 100 picture perfect beaches, 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones, three active volcanoes and limitless warm aloha spirit, the Hawaiian Islands definitely earn the status of (at least..) a once in a […]

mental health

Are You Neglecting Your Mental Health Without Realising?

What do you do to feel better? Buy new shoes, change your style, seek a relationship, find comfort through achievement, food, or spending time with friends? There are many ways (productive and harmful) we try […]

staying fit in autumn

Hacks For Staying Fit In Autumn

We love autumn just as much as the next person but there is one thing autumn isn’t so great for and that’s feeling motivated to exercise! We’re not saying everyone stops caring about staying fit […]

Healthy Comforting Recipes

Cosy + Comforting Recipes Perfect For Autumn

If you’re a fan of autumn (the cosiest season of all!) you’ll understand our love of warming comfort food! See ya’ later salads, see ya’ later smoothie bowls, bring on curries, stews and porridge! All […]

Skincare Must-Haves For Fitness Lovers

Skincare Must-Haves For Fitness Lovers

Taking care of your skin pre and post-workout is just as important for your body as cooling down or stretching. Using specially designed products, created with active women (and hey, why not men too?) in […]

feeling the blues

Feeling The Blues? 8 Habits To Make You Happier

Crisp air, crunchy leaves, tea, stews… there’s so much we love about Autumn. Not as much of a fan? You’re not alone. Shorter days and a dip in temperature can contribute to the onset of […]

Weekend Style

4 Looks To Help You Nail Weekend Style

Feeling comfortable doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style, even on the weekend when you tend to make more of an effort with putting outfits together. If you’re anything like us then you’ll regularly […]

What Foods Are In Season This Autumn?

Autumn truly is in the air! Here at Hip & Healthy, we like to embrace each season with some new changes and new ways of staying healthy and happy. For instance, a new workout wardrobe […]

Wellness Events October

Wellness Events To Book In October

Is your October diary looking a little sparse? Here are 6 wellness events to book this October to entertain and inspire you! Daylesford Wellness Workshop: Tonics & Spiced Broths Create your very own thirst-quenching and […]

Fitness Motivation

How To Get Back Your Fitness Motivation (& Make It Last!)

Let’s start by saying that it is completely normal and healthy to prioritise getting into bed, watching a film and snuggling up over hitting the gym from time to time. However, if getting your sweat […]

european city breaks

Best European City Breaks For Autumn

Living in Europe, we often take it for granted that we have the ability to travel to countless stunning and charming destinations within just a couple of hours. With summer drawing to an end and […]

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