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Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga

As well as being a time of joy and delight, pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and fear, not to mention physical discomfort and emotional adjustment. The good news is that incorporating regular pregnancy […]

10 Pregnancy Wellness Essentials Every Mama-To-Be Needs

If you’re a mama-to-be or know someone who is, read Director & Founder, Sadie Reid’s 10 pregnancy wellness essentials! As I write this I am sitting in cashmere sweat pants (my new staple form of […]

Exercise in pregnancy

Exercise In Pregnancy – The Do’s & Don’ts

Melinda Nicci is the founder of Baby2Body, a digital content platform and app for new and expectant mums, providing daily curated content across 4 core sections: Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty and Wellbeing.  Melinda is a qualified […]

guide to pregnancy

Hip & Healthy Guide to Pregnancy

Never in your life before is it more important to keep fit and healthy than whist you’re pregnant. It is obviously very much geared towards the development and health of the un-born baby, but it […]

Bump Love: The Do’s and Don’ts for Fitness in Pregnancy…

With more women now physically active and living a healthy lifestyle it’s important to know that you do not have ditch that positive mentality or bin your trainers as soon as you see the second […]

The Brands Nailing Maternity Sportswear

Exercising and staying active during pregnancy is highly recommended by doctors as a way to help stay strong and healthy whilst carrying your beautiful baby. Regular light-moderate exercise during pregnancy has been proven to reduce […]

royal baby

Royal Baby Fever – How To Hypnobirth Like Kate

With the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date looming, royal baby fever has reached new levels! While we’ll never know exactly how Kate has prepared for the birth of her new baby, there are rumours circulating […]

wellbeing first

The Hotel Putting Your Wellbeing First

Long gone are the days when a holiday or weekend away meant pushing your health and wellbeing to one side. Once a time for over-indulgence and minimal physical activity, hotels across the globe are now […]

Chelsea set

How The Chelsea Set Get Fit

Want to find out where the Chelsea set work up a sweat? We’ve got the inside scope on their favourite studios and go-to personal trainers they put their trust into when Ibiza comes calling! Paola’s […]


Think Positive – Fertility Fundamentals From Emma Cannon

Our fertility is very precious and it does not last for ever. The way we choose to live our lives will inevitably affect our overall health and our fertility. Of course, there are factors in […]

Foods For Fertility

Anytime we’ve got a health query, we always turn to Nutritionist, Angelique Panagos! She’s our go-to for advice on balancing hormones, boosting energy, improving digestion AND trying for a baby! Here, she reveals her top […]

Little Wildling

The Woman Behind Tea Brand, Little Wildling Co.

As proud, new stockists of herbal tea brand, Little Wildling Co. we sat down with founder lee Sutherland! With a background in Natural Health Science, a passion for herbal medicine and a slight obsession with tea… […]

Founder Focus – The Woman Behind Sister & Co

We’re thrilled to be adding Sister & Co products to the Hip and Healthy offering – 100% natural beauty and skin care absolutely free from preservatives, stabilisers, fillers, synthetic fragrances or toxins and filled with […]


The Inspiring Women We Look Up To

Happy International Women’s Day! What better way to celebrate than to look at some of the most inspirational women around today doing seriously awesome things. What it means to be inspirational and to be a woman is […]

Hip & Healthy Guide To Thailand – Inland

An entirely antithetical experience to the bustling clamour of Bangkok, Chiang Mai Provence is a haven of tranquility, outlandishly calm locals, traditional culture, quaint backstreets and a sunny climate. Chiang Mai lies in Thailand’s tropical […]

Binky Felstead 2

Binky Felstead – Fitspiration

With an exciting pregnancy announcement hitting the headlines over the last few weeks, we sat down with the beautiful (and incredibly fit) Binky Felstead to talk about how fitness has become an important part of […]

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